Health and wellness movements are on the rise, medical knowledge is more advanced than ever before, information is easily accessible. How is it then that the sickness, pain and mental health in their various forms are still so persistently present and impacting every segment of our lives? More importantly, how can we cope with all that?

The world we live in has accelerated to an unprecedented degree. We live fast, we work fast, we eat fast, we sleep fast… everything fast – always heaving our agendas overflowing with tasks and responsibilities. Screaming for our attention, ubiquitous distractions haze over our focus. A sheer number of stimuli exceeds our ability to process them and prioritize therefore everything seems important. Our body struggles to produce and sustain such a high level of alertness at all times.

With all these, how can we possibly find balance, maintain good health and a positive attitude? What is the ultimate, best approach and where do we look for solutions?

We do not presume we can stop neither the world from spinning nor the progression of many world dilemmas. Understanding, however, that many health problems originate in the impact that this fast paced, hectic world is having on our lifestyle, gives us a clear direction in our search for wellness.

We believe we are an integral part of the Earth which in itself is perfectly balanced. We are symbiotically dependent hence our sustainability and wellbeing is contingent on connecting to it and tapping into its rich resources.

With that in mind a few suffering, ambitious patients, refusing to accept the status quo of living in pain, set on the path to find solutions. Grueling research and experimental work that went underway amounted in years. Painful experiences were put against the science and deep understanding of compassionate health practitioners and conscious individuals from all over the globe. In the process of selecting what works and weeding out what doesn’t, it was slowly becoming clear that the most powerful and effective remedies are nature-derived, simple and the least processed ones. Raw ideas of creating nature-based, powerful and easy to apply formulas started taking shape.

The Sloth MD was born, where the refining of our work continued until ready to apply product emerged. Our oral and topical solutions are obtained from commonly known plants, herbs and minerals – simple yet powerful and elegant, leaving no side effects. Evidence shows that although they will not change the world around, they will effectively improve a person’s everyday life. Supporting internal organs may reduce or even eliminate some of the pain and it will certainly bring about more vitality and clarity of mind consequently making life so much more enjoyable.

Sloth MD is a global platform for practitioners and health providers worldwide. We provide proven formulas developed from natural resources by scientific minds.

Your role as a professional is critical. You not only provide the knowledge but also the guidance on how to live your life so it results in a healthy balance, so simple yet difficult for many.

Serving the knowledge in a not overwhelming way today is an art we have mastered.

Sloth MD has simple solutions for these with slothy organs functions and for others whose life is way too fast, Sloth MD advises to sloth it down. Just “Hang in There” .